2021 NBA season off to a crazy start

It started on Monday with a WOJbomb about the Orlando Magic signing 2019 first-round pick Chuma Okeke, than within hours it all blew up. The big news was the Suns acquiring Chris Paul and by the end of the night it looked as if the Bucks had rebuild their roster. But the craziness was just beginning.

The NBA free agency period starts tomorrow, and already we have seen almost every team reshape their roster. The Bucks and Pelicans being dramatic about it, but teams like Orlando and Miami have made significantly smaller changes.

Ignoring the added rookies from the NBA draft, almost every NBA team has been part of a trade. Most trades have been very minor, just cap room trades. Others like Philadelphia sending Al Horford to Oklahoma City are more significant.

The Thunder have been busy, probably the leagues busiest team thus far. The Thunder are in rebuild mold and have a ton of tradable assets, and one goal – acquire first-round picks. The Thunder sent Cp3 to Phoenix for a package involving Ricky Rubio, then traded Rubio to the Wolves to move up in the draft. They also traded Dennis Schroder to the Lakers for Danny Green, then packaged Green to the Sixers for Horford. In the madness the Thunder have netted an additional 6 picks to add to their kings ransom of picks acquired last season. The Thunder currently have 15 first-round picks between the 2021 and 2027 NBA draft.

The Pistons have also been busy, though a lot less flashy than the Thunder. The Pistons have acquired several first-round draft picks, a couple of 2nd rounders, and some useful role players. Today Detroit acquired Dwane Dedmon from Atlanta and last night they acquired Tony Bradley from Utah. The Pistons gave up very little to get two quality centers in case they lose Christian Wood to free agency.

The Knicks have also uncharacteristically been making some good trades. The Knicks moved up in the draft traded the #27 and #38 picks in the draft to Utah for the #23 pick. Then at draft night, traded the #23 pick for the #25 and #33 picks. Today the Knicks made another trade with the Jazz acquiring center Ed Davis and some more picks.

This trade season, which was created by COVID, has been great for fans. Its something that the NBA should consider implementing in future season.

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