John Wall wants out of Washington

John Wall has spent his entire career with the Washington Wizards. The first overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft, Wall is the third longest-tenured player in the NBA behind only Miami’s Udonis Haslem and Stephen Curry. But this all might end with Wall and the Wizards as the star point guard has requested a trade.

Wall, who missed all of last season, had been rumored to be involved in a trade with Houston’s Russell Westbrook but that has since stalled.

The Wizards have been struggling the last few years, partly because Wall has been out since just after Christmas of 2018. Bradley Beal has picked up the slack, but the Wizard lack depth and have had losing seasons each of the past two years.

Losing is not something new to fans of the beltway team, the Wizards have not made the eastern finals 1979 and have not won 50 games since that same season. Each time the Wizards seem like they have things going in the right direction injuries and other off-court issues happen that ruin their franchise.

The Wizards may be hard-pressed to find a trade partner for Wall. Wall is scheduled to make 40 million dollars this season and is owed around $130 million over the life of his contract. With Wall missing almost two whole seasons, and over 30 years old, not a lot of teams are going to be interested in giving up assets to acquire Wall. Additionally, the Wizards do not have a lot of assets to send out with Wall.

One possibility for the Wizards and Wall is Detroit. The Pistons have acquired a plethora of big men and need guards. A Blake Griffin for John Wall trade may benefit both teams.

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