Rockets and Harden Relationship Is Now Unsalvagable.

Just a few weeks ago when the Rockets left the court following their game 5 loss vs the Lakers, it looked like James Harden was going to be a Rocket forever. But a lot has changed since September 12th, and now it looks like James Harden no longer wants to be in Houston.

Last week when news broke that Russell Westbrook wanted out of Houston, many speculated that Harden would be next to go. Now, reports have surfaced that Harden turned down a contract that would have paid him $50 million per season with the Rockets. Harden is expected to make 40.8 million dollars this season and his contract runs through 2022-23.

The nearly 41 million dollar price tag will be a hard pill for many teams to swallow. But at least two teams have contacted the Rockets about Harden.

The Nets are trying to pair Harden with former teammate Kevin Durant. The Philadelphia 76ers are also inquiring about Harden. Right now no deals are imminent, and it is thought that a third or even a fourth team will be needed to make any deal work.

The Rockets want young players and draft picks for Harden.

The Rockets are also trying to trade Westbrook, and may try to get creative and trade both in a mega deal. This would of course lead to a total rebuild for the Rockets.

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