What will the Minnesota Timberwolves do with the first overall pick?

This year’s draft is creeping up on us, and there’s an unprecedented amount of uncertainty coming along with it. The top picks could go so many different ways on Wednesday night, and it all boils down to one pick – the Minnesota Timberwolves’ number one overall selection. But what will the Timberwolves do? Here are the four options to choose from, in order of likeliness. 

Option 1 – Draft LaMelo Ball

At this point in the pre-draft news cycle, it seems as if LaMelo Ball is the most likely selection for the Timberwolves at number one. He had a private workout with the Timberwolves’ staff on Thursday, his first such workout with any other team. Ball would share the Minnesota backcourt with D’Angelo Russell, who would probably slide down to the shooting guard position to let LaMelo play his natural position. 

Option 2 – Draft Anthony Edwards

A less likely option would be for the Timberwolves to select Anthony Edwards. Reports and rumors from early September and late August pointed to Edwards as Minnesota’s most likely selection. As time went on, however, LaMelo Ball seemed to overtake Edwards as the favorite. Don’t count Anthony Edwards out though! There’s definitely a chance that Minnesota goes with Edwards at number one, and his proficiency on the defensive end of the ball would pair well with D’Angelo Russell’s less than desirable defensive play.

Option 3 – Trade the Pick

Rumors have flown around that Minnesota is looking around for trade offers centering around their pick. And that makes sense when you look at their draft options at number one – there’s no one prospect that fits perfectly with the Timberwolves’ roster. It’s possible that a team in need of a dynamic playmaking point guard looks to Minnesota as a team who would prefer to increase their draft assets, due to the uncertainty of this year’s class, instead of selecting Edwards or Ball. If a trade were to occur, it would most likely be with Detroit, New York, Phoenix, or maybe even Chicago.

Option 4 – Draft someone else

Who knows! There’s a one in a billion chance that the Timberwolves fall in love with James Wiseman at some point from now until Wednesday. 

Okay, never mind. There’s no way.

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