Denver Nuggets Season Preview

The Nuggets had an up and down year to say the least in 2021. They had the franchise’s first MVP in Nikola Jokic, they also lost Jamal Murray to an ACL injury and got routed by the Suns in the second round. Still, the Nuggets have a lot to look forward to in 2021.

The Nuggets really did not make a splash in the off-season. They added Jeff Green and not much else. While Green is a nice addition, he will not help them with their lack of depth. The Nuggets have one of the best first 7 in the league, but after that talent falls off considerably.

The loss of Jamal Murray will also play a huge impact for the season for the Nuggets. He is expected to be out until almost the playoffs, and with those kinds of injuries it takes a few months to get back to normal.

Michael Porter Jr came on huge last year for the Nuggets, and looks to be a steal for them. He needs to be more consistent and if he can be he will give them their needed 2nd scorer behind Jokic.

Without Murray the Nuggets backcourt will continue to struggle in 2022. Facundo Campazzo is a solid player, but he is at best a guy who should be your 10th or 11th man, not playing major minutes.

The Nuggets also lack size. Outside of Bol Bol, they have only 2 players six-ten or taller. Those being Jokic and Porter, and neither really are tough post players. This is going to be an issue in a conference with elite big men such as Anthony Davis, DeAndre Ayton and Rudy Gobert. While offensively, the Nuggets can make all them work had to guard Jokic, when it comes to Jokic guarding them a lot of problems arise. The Lakers, Suns and Jazz are also less likely to be severely impacted if their guy gets into foul trouble as they have other stars to take the load, something the Nuggets do not have,

The Nuggets roster will likely look similar to this:

C: Jokic | Nnaji | Bol
F: Gordon | Jeff Green | Cancar
F: Porter |JaM. Green
G: Barton | Dozier | Hyland
G: Campazzo | Morris

IR: Murray

The Nuggets are going to need another ball-handler as well. They have an open roster spot and it is likely they will surf the waiver wire near the start of the regular season for another point guard.

The Nuggets will however still be a force inside the western conference so long as Jokic is healthy. It is likely that they will win around 45 games and finish around 6th in the west.

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